Special Carriage House Information

We have one 10ft and two 20ft booths available on the west side of the Carriage House. The 10ft is 10 x 10 with a 9ft door. The 20ft is just double the 10, 10x 20 with two 9ft doors. Booths come with electric and lights. 8ft Tables are available at only $3 each. If your business is compatible with this I suggest you put a table across the garage door, you stay inside and your customers are under the overhang outside. The overhang is 12ft so you could also use the tables outside the door in a box around the door so you still are inside and customers outside. You are welcome to actually have your products and customers inside but please keep the numbers low for social distancing. At night you move the tables inside, close the garage doors and padlock it/them. The single booth is $15, the double is $30 plus tables if desired and of course an admission ticket for each person. Use the above Contact Us menu or click here to write to the President with your questions and orders.

To the left is a view of the west side of the Carriage House.

Here is a view of the interior of a 10 ft wide Carriage House space with the 9 ft overhead door.