Until the website is updated for 2024 you will be unable to purchase using this website. To purchase items after this cutoff date, please contact any FGCARC officer using our contact form (see menu above) or purchase at the gate ticket booth or service desk during the Hamfest.

Free Club Table

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The free club table is available for any established amateur radio club to promote the business of the club to the public. It must be reserved in advance. No sales of ham or related equipment is permitted from this table.

Order a club sales table if you need space to sell product for the club or its members.


Free Club Table

We can provide a table free of charge to any established amateur radio club. This table must not be used  to sell ham and related equipment.  The free club table can be used to help promote the club and its members to the general public. It is often a gathering point for club members to distribute informational flyers and promote upcoming events at the club. The table is provided with two chairs. No electricity is available unless ordered in advance.