Until the website is updated for 2024 you will be unable to purchase using this website. To purchase items after this cutoff date, please contact any FGCARC officer using our contact form (see menu above) or purchase at the gate ticket booth or service desk during the Hamfest.

Electric Power

$ 10.00

For tables in the Expo Hall we can provide electric power (120v AC).

For a limited number of Tailgate spaces we can provide electric power (120v AC)

Order power if needed on this page.


Indoor tables in the Expo Hall can be provided with electric power if power is ordered on this site.

A limited number of tailgate spaces are available with electric power. Order your power here. Tailgate space is $10, electric power is an additional $10.

Electric power (120v AC) is provided free to all sales booths in the Expo Hall and to Carriage House spaces.

We advise vendors to come prepared with power strips and extension cords for their table or table group.