Hamfest Camping Policy. 

Friday night only for paid attendees. Reservation required.  Reserve in advance or at the gate.

Camping fee is $20.

No tents are allowed. Only RVs, camping trailers and suitable vehicles are allowed for overnight camping.

Dry/field camping; there is no water, sewer or dump station.  Limited electric is available at $10.  Tailgaters also have limited electric available at $10.

Those tailgating may camp where they are tailgating or camp in the parking/camping area.  Tailgaters must pay the tailgate fee for each tailgate space occupied.

Campers who run generators will camp on the south end of the parking area.  No running generators in the north end.  Those not running generators may camp on the north end or south end of the parking area.

Bathrooms in tailgate area are open all night.

There is nighttime security.  Limited exit/re-entry.  Gates close at 8pm. Keys available for exit/entrance.

No ground fires.  Grills and hibachis are allowed.

Quiet hours 10-8.

All animals will be on lease and picked up after.

To make clear:  A couple tailgating and camping with electric will pay: $26 for 2 tickets ($20 in advance),  $10 for tailgating, $10 for electric and $20 for camping.