The 47th annual Tampa Bay Hamfest will be held Dec. 9th and 10th, 2022

THE HAMFEST IS NOW OVER. Thanks to all buyers and vendors who attended this year and made the 46th Tampa Bay Hamfest a success. The Florida Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Council wishes all a very happy and joyous Holiday season. Here's to a safe and healthful 2022 and a return to prosperity for all. .

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Message from our President, Bill Williams.


To all our friends in Florida and elsewhere, welcome.

Well it’s only a few months now to the 47th version of the Tampa Bay Hamfest.  We will be in the same location as the last few years, the Expo Building in the Plant City Strawberry Festival grounds.

A nice clean building with plenty of tables.  Look for your friends with their table piled up with just what you need … or want.  Not to mention the commercial vendors with all the new gear.  And all the club tables.  Convenient bathrooms and a meeting room makes for a great hamfest venue.  Don’t forget to put you ticket stub in the door prize barrel.

A large tailgate area with a few power spots for those who need it.  I suggest tailgaters wait till it is close to tailgate setup time before getting in line.  It is rather silly to get in line two hours before the gate opens when there is plenty of room for all.

New this year is on-site camping.  For tailgaters they can camp where they are in tailgate.  For all the non-tailgaters who have been asking for camping we have camping in the huge parking lot.  Those who what to run generators on one end and those who prefer quite on the other.  There are a few camping sites with power but they are limited to 20A only so air conditioners will not run there.  Due to the extra costs we will have a charge for camping so look in the ticket buying for the camping and electric options.

Don’t forget the forums and license testing.  If you are testing for a license, be sure to read the information under testing to ensure you have what you need.  If wanting a commercial license exam you must make reservations to ensure the testers can schedule the test/s and have the exam/s you need.

We are working to have a great hamfest, all you have to do is show up 😉  See you in December.

Stay well and 73,

Bill Williams, AG4QX
President of the Florida Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Council, Inc.
Chairman of the Tampa Bay Hamfest


We’re still in a PANDEMIC, folks.

Please follow the current CDC guidelines


2021 Prize Winners

Saturday’s Grand Prize was won by  Pedro Alicea, WY4A. As shown, he won a Yaesu Fusion FTM-300D with his lucky ticket. Congratulations, Pedro. See you again in 2022 and the best of luck.


Tony Alvelo was the lucky winner of a Diawa SWR and Power meter on Friday’s drawing. Thanks for being a supporter of the Tampa Bay Hamfest, Tony. See you again in 2022.


What is a Hamfest?

If you ask the all-knowing Internet that question you will get this answer:  A hamfest is a meeting of people interested in Amateur Radio.   Hamfests offer exhibits, forums, and fleamarkets for Amateur Radio operators or “hams.”  Now that is all well and good and certainly describes the fundamental offerings of the Tampa Bay Hamfest but there is more than that, much more. What you can see at this Hamfest is a gathering of hams enjoying the camaraderie of fellow hams. This is the intangible benefit of this Hamfest and indeed all hamfests. We like to have the opportunity to gather and meet our friends from other parts of Florida and elsewhere. Please join us, vendors, clubs and hams alike, in celebrating our hobby – amateur radio.

As you can see, our website has a new look. We would like to keep the site up to date with new information as it becomes available. To this end we will add items of interest to local hams and to our vendors to this Home Page as they become available. Please keep checking in for this information as we add it. In addition we ask for your participation in this effort and ask you provide items and information you would like to pass on to our local ham community. Thanks in advance for your help.

This effort will doubtless have its glitches and oversights so we always appreciate hearing from the sites users with constructive comments and advice. Click here to contact us.