Venues and Hours

2021 Tampa Bay Hamfest

This section to be further updated for 2021 Hamfest



The Strawberry Festival grounds provide an excellent Tailgate area.

Vehicles may be left in your space but security is up to you. Lots of sun.

Tailgate vendors may leave when you wish.

Spaces are first come first pick.

Spaces are:

 $10 for a 16’ wide by approx 40’ deep space – admission placard required.

There is a 10′ space between adjacent spaces.

Both trailer and car/truck must be parked within the same 16′ x 40′ space to avoid an extra space charge.

If you order power bring your own heavy duty extension cords and power-strips.

Tarps or merchandise covers are suggested for Friday night.


Times for 2021 Hamfest

FridayOpen the outside to tailgaters setup@ NOON
Open to the general public@ 1 PM
Close tailgate area@ 6 PM
Parking lot closed@ 7 PM
SaturdayOpen all for setup@ 7 AM
Open to the general public@ 8 AM
Close tailgate area@ 4 PM
Parking lot closed @ 5 PM