The Tampa Bay Hamfest started in 1975 and has been held annually since that year. This is impressive to say the least for any organization.

It seems timely that we say something about the Hamfest and how it started using the best available information on hand. That being so, it is inevitable that much will be unsaid and encourage anyone with additional background on the Tampa Bay Hamfest to contact any FGCARC member and pass along what is known for publication. Photographs would be a big plus where available.

From a 2003 Tampa Bay Hamfest publication, we have the following historical background:


Much of the the last paragraph above is still true today. Though we have since moved to the Florida Strawberry Festival facilities and we now meet on the second full weekend in December, the Tampa Bay Hamfest still strives to provide Florida hams with a great weekend of equipment sales, tailgate browsing, forums, testing, camaraderie, good food at a fair price, and a chance to support your amateur radio hobby.