See the important update in the President’s letter below.

The 45th annual Tampa Bay Hamfest  is scheduled for December 11th and 12th, 2020. 

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Message from our President, Bill Williams.

Tampa Bay Hamfest, outside edition

Hello.  Most of the details are settled so here is the short of it, look around this website for more information on each subject.  Mask wearing and social distancing is necessary.  We do not want to be on the news for spreading the virus.

You can check out the grounds map under the Tailgate Sales Space heading.

The hamfest this year will be outside only.  There will be a 10 foot area between every tailgate space.  That will allow social distancing but will also allow tailgaters to sell off the side of their space.   If you unload and move your vehicle to the regular parking lot you will have a 16ft x 40ft area to sell from, all sides.

Some of our commercial dealers will be on both sides of the Carriage House under the porch-like cover.  Make sure you check both sides.  The door prize barrel will be in the hamfest office on the west side.

The ARRL will be inside a booth on the west side of the Carriage house.  It will include card checking, including 160M.  Make sure you check both sides of the Carriage House.

Free club spaces have not been worked out yet.  If your club desires a small space for a club table send a message using the CONTACT FORM button under the Contact Us heading.  Remember a free club table is for marketing your club and no selling except club memberships.  If your club or a member is buying a tailgate space to sell from your club can probably fit in there.  Or buddy up with tables on both ends of the space.  Remember if you park your vehicles in regular parking then you have a 16ft by 40ft tailgate space open on four sides.   And remember social distancing!

There will be no Forums as such but being the ARRL West Central Section and Florida State Convention there will be an ARRL Meeting in the ARMORY with representatives from the three Florida sections and the Southeast Division.  Masks and social distancing will be enforced.  

You can also talk with your ARRL representatives at their booth on the West side of the Carriage House.  Card checking will be done there all day Saturday.

We have no information yet on the Future Farmers doing food.  More information on food to follow.

We will have testing in the Armory from 10 AM to 12 noon on Saturday only.  No reservations required, walk-ins are welcome.  Be there by 11:15 at the latest.  If you plan on taking more than one test make sure you are there early enough to take them all.  Masks and social distancing will be enforced.  Make sure you bring the required stuff, look it up in the testing section.

Commercial license testing is available with advanced registration required.  Day and time can be adjusted to the test taker within reason.  Use the above mentioned CONTACT FORM to let us know.

Since we are not renting the Expo Building this year we have dropped the price of admission to $5, tailgate spaces are $10.  Limited electric is available at $5.

We are always looking for more volunteers.  Mostly to sell tickets at the entrance for the event but we can also use more people involved in the planning and running of the hamfest.  If you have an interest in either contact us by using the previously mentioned CONTACT FORM button under the Contact Us heading.

OK, I can hear the questions … what about spending Friday night?  Yes you may spend the night.  The bathroom will be opened all night.  We will be able to open the gate to let people out for dinner and back in, within reasonable times.  NO FIRES are allowed on the Strawberry Festival grounds.  There are places to eat within walking distance, depending on what you think walking distance is and what you like to eat 😉  What about food during the hamfest?  Good question … we don’t know yet.

Can I leave all my stuff out over night?  That is up to you.  There will be people in the area and security for the grounds with locked fence all around but obviously no guarantees.   You are responsible for your own stuff.  You certainly should have a cover to protect everything from dew and discourage after hours browsers.

73 and see you at the Tampa Bay Hamfest 2020

Bill, AG4QX

President of the Florida Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Council, Inc

Chairman of The Tampa Bay Hamfest

We’re in a PANDEMIC,folks.

Please wear a mask at all times.

CDC Guidelines:

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others

  • Avoid close contact – maintain 6 foot social distancing

  • Wash your hands often


 Available Carriage House Spaces 

Several spaces are still available in the Carriage House, west of the open tailgate area. Please click button below to see details

What is a Hamfest?

If you ask the all-knowing Internet that question you will get this answer:  A hamfest is a meeting of people interested in Amateur Radio.   Hamfests offer exhibits, forums, and fleamarkets for Amateur Radio operators or “hams.”  Now that is all well and good and certainly describes the fundamental offerings of the Tampa Bay Hamfest but there is more than that, much more. What you can see at this Hamfest is a gathering of hams enjoying the camaraderie of fellow hams. This is the intangible benefit of this Hamfest and indeed all hamfests. We like to have the opportunity to gather and meet our friends from other parts of Florida and elsewhere. Please join us, vendors, clubs and hams alike, in celebrating our hobby – amateur radio.

As you can see, our website has a new look. We would like to keep the site up to date with new information as it becomes available. To this end we will add items of interest to local hams and to our vendors to this Home Page as they become available. Please keep checking in for this information as we add it. In addition we ask for your participation in this effort and ask you provide items and information you would like to pass on to our local ham community. Thanks in advance for your help.

This effort will doubtless have its glitches and oversights so we always appreciate hearing from the sites users with constructive comments and advice. Click here to contact us.